ABCD Class

From: Rp6,000,000.00

This 12-hour class, spread over 3 days, is your comprehensive barista camp. You will learn just about everything a barista needs to know: from the history of coffee, variety of beans, grinding, introduction to roasting, manual brewing, to making espressos, cappuccinos, you-name-it. This is an intensive program designed not only for baristas, but also café owners and operators. The contents of this program include all materials of A, B, C and DE1 Class.

Rp6,000,000/person. Maximum 10 persons in one class. Three days, four hours each, with a 30-minute break


Product Description

Learn all things basic about coffee. Learn about brewing, cupping, extraction, grinding. Learn to level, to tamp, to pull an espresso shot. Learn to steam the milk. Learn to pour your first latte art.
Even further, learn to clean up the espresso machine and manage your work station. Learn all the fundamental things you need to know to run a coffee shop.
All in just three days.