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Appreciation Class

From: Rp500,000.00

Why coffee? How did it start? What did dancing goats have to do with it? Why is it so different and delicious now? How can it taste like berries, nuts, chocolate, or flowers?! What is a green bean? What is roasting? Why should I grind my coffee right before I want to brew it?

This class will answer those questions and turn you into a coffee snob in a flash. In short, you will know everything a cool barista should.

Rp500,000/person. Maximum 8 persons in one class.

Product Description

There are those who work harder out there – in the farm, plantation, factory, etc. Those whose faces we do not recognize. Those whose names are not celebrated. Those who wear no fancy aprons. Those who are not basked in world class titles. Those are not featured in cool Instagram posts. Those who are at the very start of each cup of coffee that makes your day.
Everytime we remember these unsung heroes we see no point of being coffee snobs. And that’s why in ABCD School of Coffee we always, always start with Appreciation Class – where we all forget what we have learned before, and remind ourselves how coffee actually was started.