Brewing Class

From: Rp1,000,000.00

“I want to brew coffee at home and impress my lover every morning.” Now, you can!
This is where you will learn the meticulous art of manual brewing. How to pick the right beans, how to grind it well, and how to know the basic tools and equipments. You will also learn to brew using different methods (pourover, immersion, dripper, and such!)
You’ll go out of this class as a coffee geek. Don’t be surprised if you’ll end up building your own coffee lab at home.

Prerequisite: Appreciation Class. Rp1,000,000/person. Maximum 12 persons in one class. One hour of theory plus one hour of practice


Product Description

In Brewing Class we learn more about the “why” before we practice the “how to”.
Why is the water not boiling? Why we should grind the coffee fresh? Why two-and-a-half minutes brewing time?

More fundamental questions like these will find the answers so that we actually know what we are doing when brewing coffee using V60 or other methods.